Where are the Competition Results?


After each competition, the Handicapping people check that your scores are scanned and suitable to be used for handicapping, send all the scores to GolfLink to update your handicap, and uses the OneGolf system to produce reports of everyone’s scores for the competition.
This is usually done by an hour or so after the competition, or at least by that evening. In exceptional circumstances, the reports may be delayed until the next day.
You can have a look at these reports as soon as they have been produced by:
  1. Logging into OneGolf/MiClub as you would to put your name on a timesheet.
  2. Click on the “Bookings” button. This will show you a list of all events & time sheets from “today” – the same list you would use to choose a competition to enter your name into the time sheet.
HowTo Results 1
If the competition you want is not displayed, change the “first date” being displayed.
Find the small “calendar” icon at the top of the list next to the date display (red arrow above) – click it.
A calendar showing a full month will be seen. You can go back or forward by months using the small arrows. Click on the date that you want displayed (red arrow below).

HowTo Results 2

Look down the list of competitions that are now displayed. If there are scores reports available, the word “RESULTS” will be shown in blue to the left of the event name (green arrow above).
Click on the word¬†“RESULTS” for the event you are interested in. Another form will be displayed listing the reports that are available for this event.
Click on the report you want to look at. It will be displayed in a new window (green arrow below).

HowTo Results 3

When you have finished, close that window/tab and use the browser arrows to go back to the list of competitions so that you can look at the results for another event.
You may find that different reports have been produced for different events. The most common reports that you will find are:
  • A Full Field report – all scores of all players, sometime not showing grades.
  • A Competition Presentation Report – showing winners in each grade and the ball rundown, as well as pin shots. This report is common for Saturday competitions.
Scores and results for major events – usually comprising 2 or more rounds – will generally have a report for each round as above. Trophy winners for the multi-round event and the combined scores for the event (usually both Gross and Nett) are usually put on the Club’s web site.