2019 WeRGolf Club Championships

Mackay Club Club 2019
We R Golf Centre
Club Champions
Michael Neaton 74,71,69,70 – 284
Shae Holmes 79,73,73,77 – 302

Club Champion Runner/up
Jay Watling 292
B Grade – Scott McLennan 333
C Grade – Rob Masterton 371

Men’s 72 Hole Nett
Overall – Ed Pace 271
A Grade – Daniel Tresise 275
B Grade – Darian Lawson 277
C Grade – Josh McCoy 282

Men’s Seniors
Gross – Steve Harris 309
Nett – Robert Rowlinson 278

Club Champion Runner/up
Sheree Hasson 311
B Grade – Toni Woolcock 396
C Grade – Jo Morgan 431

Ladies 72 Hole Nett
Overall – Wendy Grendon 307
A Grade – Merise Ryan 311
B Grade – Jodi Manning 315
C Grade – Michelle McNamara 321

Ladies Seniors
Gross – Wendy Grendon 355
Nett – Sandra Tonion 318

Congratulations to all the winners and golfers who played all 4 rounds!!

MGC Club Championships after 36 holes ( 72 hole event )

Men’s Gross
A Grade. Clinton Smith, Michael Neaton and Dan Cook 145

B Grade Peter Oric 166 from Scott McLennan and Ed Pace 167

C Grade Stephen Northam and Tony Dartnell tied on 183

Ladies Gross
A Grade Shae Holmes 152 from
Sheree Hasson 158

B Grade Jodi Manning 198 from Toni Woolcock 204

C Grade Jo Morgan 221 from Tracie Harvison 223

Men’s Seniors Gross
Steve Harris 157 from Neil Morris 158

Ladies Seniors Gross
Wendy Grendon 183 from Lorna Forrest 186

Nett leaders
A Greg Frost 135
B Ed Pace 133
C T Dartnell/S Pedersen 141

A Shae Holmes 148
B Jodi Manning 152
C Jo Morgan 157



1. The Championships are open to all amateur male golfers with an Australian Handicap who are current financial members of the Mackay Golf Club and eligible to play in the weekend adult members’ competitions.
2. The Competition shall be under the management and control of the Match Committees, the composition of the Committee being determined by the Mackay Golf Club. A decision of the Match Committee will be final in all matters and in the absence of the full Committee, such members thereof as may be present at any time may give a decision and that decision shall be deemed to be the decision of the full Committee.
3. The Match Committee reserves the right to fix and/or alter starting times; to shorten the Competition or fix another day or venue; to vary any condition; to reject any entry without assigning any reason thereof; and to restrict the size of the field for any round of any Competition.
4. The Rules of Golf as adopted by the Royal and Ancient and USGA “Rules of Golf” (effective January 2019) will apply, with such Local Rules as are approved by the Match Committee. Any Supplementary Local Rules for the day will be posted on the Clubhouse Competition Notice Board located beside the score card entry point on level 1 and placed on the clear glass panels adjacent to the Professionals Shop.
5. The Championships are Gross events in grades A, B and C, to be played over 72 holes stroke play on the days set down in the Club Program or as otherwise decided by the Match Committees. The Club Champion with the lowest gross score over 72 holes regardless of grade will be designated as the 2019 Club Champion.
6. The best eight (8) Men’s gross scores in each grade will qualify for the Club’s Singles Matchplay. The Ladies number of qualifiers will be determined and dependent upon the number of competitors. The Club’s Singles Matchplay will be subject to the Conditions of Play as defined by the Match Committees.
7. The individual grades for the Men’s Championships will be as follows: A Grade < 12 inclusive, B Grade 13 – 19 inclusive and C Grade 20 – 36 inclusive based upon the Golf Australia Daily Handicap system on the opening round. 8. The individual grades for the Women’s Championships will be as follows: A Grade < 18 inclusive, B Grade 19 – 27 inclusive and C Grade 28 – 45 inclusive based upon the Golf Australia Daily Handicap system on the opening round. 9. The Senior Championships is an ungraded 72-hole gross event held in conjunction. The Seniors event is open to competitors who have reached a minimum of 55 years of age for male members and those who have reached the age of 50 years for female members prior to the opening round of the Championships. The Junior event will be a 36-hole event held in conjunction on Sunday 28th April 2019 and Sunday 5th May (Rounds 2 and 4 of the overall championships). It is open to junior competitors who have not attained the age of 18 years prior to the opening round of their event. 10. Players will retain for all four rounds the Daily Handicap on which they begin the championships. That handicap will be defined by the Daily Course rated handicaps as identified in opening round of the Championships. 72-hole nett events will be held in conjunction. For clarity a competitor’s handicap for all 72-hole nett events will be locked at the commencement of round one as determined by the One Golf system. A competitor’s daily handicap may vary from round to round and be used to determine nett scores in each of the individual 18-hole events. The Daily Playing Handicap printed on the player’s score card by the Match Committee by whatever means is deemed to satisfy the player’s responsibility to correctly comply with the requirements of Rule 3.1 and Rule 3.3. 11. Competitors will be drawn against each other for a stipulated round in such a manner as the Match Committee or the Official Starter determines. For the final round the Match Committee shall apply a seeded draw in grades for the leading four (4) players (gross scores) in each grade with the exception of the Senior Championships. 12. Players shall start at the time and in the order arranged by the Match Committee. (Rule 5.3a) -penalty for breach of Rule 5.3a is disqualification except in these three cases: Exception 1 – Player Arrives at Starting Point, Ready to Play, No More Than Five Minutes Late: The player gets the general penalty applied to his or her first hole Exception 2 – Player Starts No More Than Five Early: The player gets the general penalty applied to his or her first hole Exception 3 – Committee Decides that Exceptional Circumstances Prevented Player from Starting on Time: There is no breach of this Rule and no penalty 13. The Competition fee for all intending players is set at $60.00 and must be paid in full prior to playing the first round. In addition to the competition fee the green fee component for all intending non-bulk members is payable in the Pro-shop prior to the start of play on each competition day. NOTE: Penalty for breach of this condition – Disqualification 14. Scorecards completed in accordance with the rules must be entered into the electronic scanning system within fifteen (15) minutes of the completion of the round and in doing so will be deemed as lodged with the official scorer. 15. Each competitor must ensure their scorecard has in writing a gross score indicated for each hole. Such written numeric scores for each hole being deemed to be the scores recorded for the purposes of Rule 3.1 and Rule 3.3. The Match Committee requests players clearly mark their cards in the corresponding pictorial space with an appropriate “dot” enough to satisfy the scanning equipment requirements. 16. In the absence of evidence suggesting otherwise the following methodology will apply with respect to scorecards: - If there is a discrepancy between the written number/s and pictorial “dot” score/s the written score/s will be deemed the score recorded for each hole played. 17. Any protest must be lodged in writing to the Match Committee within ten (10) minutes of the last card for the round being handed-in in accordance with Clause 15. 18. In the event of a tie for the Gross Championship/s only in any grade, the winner will be decided by continuous play hole by hole, until one player gains at least one stroke advantage. Competitor/s must make themselves available to contest a play-off. If a competitor/s is unavailable, they will forfeit any such play-off/s to their opponent/s. The holes to be played will be determined by the Match Committee. All ties in other events will be decided in accordance with the Australian count-back system. 19. No player may win more than one trophy in the competition over 72 holes. Each 18 holes is a separate event in three (3) grades with players eligible to win one trophy only for each eighteen (18) hole round played. There will be no individual round gross events run in conjunction with this event. 20. Nominations must be made on the official individual daily electronic timesheets (4 individual timesheets) for each day of the competition. All players may select a starting time on the Time Sheet for each competition day. The leading 4 gross scores in each grade will be expected to participate in the seeded draw as determined by the Match Committee for the final round. 21. If a competitor chooses to not participate in the seeded draw on the final day of competition this action will disqualify that competitor from all 72-hole Gross events. 22. The use of motorised golf carts is permitted in this competition for all players including for both gross and nett events. Match Committee Notes Note 1: The trophies for the Club Championships are as follows: 72-hole Gross Events A Grade Champion A Grade Runner-up B Grade Champion B Grade Runner-up C Grade Champion C Grade Runner-up Senior Champion Senior Runner-up Junior Champion Male Junior Champion Female NOTE: The Club Champion will be the Grade Champion with the lowest score, and over-rides and replaces the Grade Champion in that Grade 72-hole Nett Events Overall 72-nett Winner Male Overall 72-hole nett Winner Female 72-hole A Grade Nett Winner 72-hole A Grade Nett Runner-up 72-hole B Grade Nett Winner 72-hole B Grade Nett Runner-up 72-hole C Grade Nett Winner 72-hole C Grade Nett Runner-up 72-hole Senior Nett Winner Male 72-hole Senior Nett Winner Female Note 2: The leading eight (8) Men’s gross scores in each grade will qualify for the Club’s Singles Matchplay. The Ladies number of qualifiers will be determined by and be dependent upon the number of competitors. Note 3: The trophies for the daily eighteen (18) hole events are as follows: For each eighteen (18) holes - Rounds 1,2,3,4 A Grade Nett Winner A Grade Nett Runner-up B Grade Nett Winner B Grade Nett Runner-up C Grade Nett Winner C Grade Nett Runner-up Captain Mackay Golf Club