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2017 Mackay Amateur Open Championships

Women: Sunday 11th June; Men: Sat & Sun 17th & 18th June 2017

SHAE HOLMES – Mackay Women’s Open Champion 2017

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Photo Women Champ 2017
Shae receiving the Champion’s Trophy from John Nash representing
the event’s sponsor – North Jacklin Mackay.

Photo Women Collage3
The Winners – Ella Tancred, Jan Sievers, Sabine Lloyd,
Sheree Hasson, Jacqui Wall & Brenda Phillips.

ELLIOT BEEL – Mackay Men’s Open Champion 2017

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Elliot receiving the Champion’s Trophy from Joe Watson representing
the event’s sponsor – North Jacklin Mackay.

Some of the winners with Joe Watson – Josh Sculllie, Phillip Hauritz, Lew Forsyth, Nick Hilder, Zac Dowde, Michael Neaton, George Newton, Denis Constantin and Greg Lingard.

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The Championships are Open Gross events in four grades for Men and three grades for Women, with Nett events in grades held in conjunction.  Participants are eligible for Golf NQ points for 2017.

Grades are determined by a player’s Daily Playing Handicap for the round (Women) and for Round 1 for Men.  Grade ranges are: Men – A: below 7; A1: 7 – 12; B: 13 – 19; C: 20 – 36 and Women – A: below 19; B: 19 – 29; C: 30 – 45.

In the Men’s Nett events, players retain the Daily Playing Handicap from Round 1 for both rounds.


For the third time since 2011, Mackay member Shae Holmes has become the Mackay Women’s Open Champion firing a superb 71 off the stick. Shae plays off a handicap of 1, and had 2 birdies in the round, offset by two bogies.

Shae held off a serious challenge from fellow Mackay member Sheree Hasson (a +2 marker), who also had two birdies in the round, but unfortunately too many bogies and a double, to finish just 4 shots of the pace.

B Grade leader was Jan Sievers, a 24 handicapper from Pioneer Valley, shooting 93 to just hold off the challenges from May Scott-Morris (22 – Mackay) and Cheryl Scown (19 – Pioneer Valley), both finishing on 94.

Proserpine player, Jacqui Wall (34) led the C Grade women with a two shot lead from fellow Proserpine member Robyn Mills (42) who challenged with a fine 109.

In the Nett event, Shae’s great gross score also resulted in her leading the A Grade Nett scores – a 70 nett ahead of Brenda Phillips – from Calliope Golf Club – who shot a nett 72 with a handicap of 17.

Top of the list in the Nett B Grade event was Jan Sievers (nett 69) ahead of May Scott-Morris (nett 72) and Mackay member Sabine Lloyd (24 – also nett 72).

Proserpine’s Robyn Mills had a run-away score in the C Grade Nett, her 109 off the stick with a 42 handicap resulting in a nett score of 67. Next in line was Jacqui Wall (nett 73) followed by Pioneer Valley’s Ella Tancred (40 – 75) and Mackay’s Marian Delaney (37 – 75).

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Elliot Beel has repeated his Open Championship win in 2009 by taking the 2017 North Jacklin Mackay Men’s Open Championship for 2017.

Mackay member Beel fired a superb 67 off the stick in the final round to go with his 72 in Round 1. Beel plays off a handicap of +1, and started the day 5 shots behind, but after scoring a bogie on the third, fired off 5 birdies from the 9th hole to finish up at 3-under and lead the rest of the field by 3 shots.

Fellow Mackay member, Denis Constantin was the overnight leader by 4 shots after shooting 67, but could not repeat that score in the second round, and fell behind the leaders. Joshua Scullie mounted the strongest challenge, but his two par rounds were not enough.

A1 Grade leader was Mackay Junior Nick Hilder, a 7 handicapper who shot 74 and 79 to beat Greg Lingard by 1 shot (153 to 154). Chris Baxter was next with 155.

The B Grade cup was taken by 13 handicapper Lew Forsyth, also from Mackay, who shot 84, 77 – 161 to wipe the B Grade field by a massive 12 shots, scores worthy of a promotion to A Grade. Warren Crispin and Mark Edmonds led the rest of the C Grade field each scoring 173.

C Grade was again won by Mackay members, Leigh Ward taking the lead with 180 from George Newton with 184.


In the 36 hole Nett event held in conjunction, Phillip Hauritz (137) kept the rest of the A Grade field at bay, his good scores (67 and 70) and his handicap of 6 giving him a 4 shot lead over Beel, and a 5 shot lead over Scullie and Constantin.

Greg Lingard’s 136 put him into the lead in the A1 Grade from four players on 140 – Zac Dowde, Mike Althaus, Chris Baxter and Nick Hilder. with Dowd taking the trophy on countback from Althaus.

Lew Forsyth’s great gross score kept him at the top of the table for the B Grade Nett event (135), ahead of Joel Maher (18 handicap, scores 68, 71 – 139) and Brett Clifford (19 handicap, scores 67, 74 – 141).

C Grade Gross winners, Leigh Ward and George Newton topped the Nett in C Grade, each scoring 136, but had to relinquish the Nett trophies to Troy Sneek (27 handicap 70, 73 – 143) and Calliope member Paul McAuliffe (25 handicap, 66, 77 – 143).

The LIST of TROPHY WINNERS for the 2017 North Jacklin Mackay Men’s Open can be seen by Clicking Here…

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