Golf - Social & Competition

The Club offers a wide range of golfing options from weekday and weekend competitions, the perhaps less formal Business House competitions, corporate golf events for your guests, through to a 9 or 18 hole social challenge with your friends.

For the young players, the Club supports the Junior Golf Club, which specialises in introducing junior players to the game with 3, 6, 9 and 18 hole competitions organised depending on the players’ skills. Regular coaching and help is provided to the youngsters to ensure that they have a lot of fun every time they play.

Scroll down to find more about playing in competitions, having a social round, how to join the Club, where to buy or hire your golf equipment, and how to introduce your child to this great game through the Junior Club.

Social Golf Specials

Want to play social golf for less? The Mackay Golf Club has a range of special deals for the social golfer to take advantage of. Check out the deals below to see what suits you best. You can save up to $20 per round!



Save $20 a round – Half price ALL DAY for 18 holes

Normal price = $40
Monday price = $20



Save $15 a round – PAY FOR 9 & PLAY 18

Tee off before 8am



SAVE $60!

Join the Club

Would you like to improve your golf by playing in regular competitions, challenge yourself to reduce your handicap and enjoy meeting many new people all with the same goal? Join the Club, and you will be able to play in competitions after achieving the minimum playing standard required to be allocated a Golf Australia handicap. Members with a current GA handicap transferring from another club will retain that handicap. Maximum handicaps are 36 for men and 45 for women.


Step 1: Decide what type of membership you want

The Mackay Golf Club offers two main types of memberships;

Full members are entitled to play in our Club Competitions on any day of the week.

Midweek members are entitled to play in our Club Competitions during the week only Monday – Friday.

All members can play socially at any time during the day/week outside of normal competition times. All our members have the option of paying Bulk Green Fees.  This mean you can pay the bulk amount determined by the committee at the beginning of the year and only have to pay any relevant competition fees, or you can opt to pay your green fees every time you play golf either at the Pro-Shop or at the starters box when checking in for a competition – scroll down the sidebar for green fee prices for members.

A membership application is required to be completed and submitted to the office. Please note that some of the fees shown in the schedules linked below have been increased slightly for 2017-18. The updated schedules will be added here as soon as possible.

For more information about other membership options, please contact the Golf Club’s Office on (07) 4942 1521, eMail to: or use the form on the About Us page.

Full Membership Application 2016-17

Midweek Membership Application 2016-17

Interim Fee schedule 2017-18

* The Interim Fee Schedule includes Membership and Bulk Green Fees for Full and Midweek Members for the 2017-18 year. Fees for other memberships have not yet been updated in the schedule, but the schedule will be updated shortly.

Step 2: Pay your membership fees

The Mackay Golf Club offers a couple different options for you to pay your fees.
You can pay the full amount in person or via direct deposit.
You can choose to pay half at the beginning of the financial year and the remaining in April (half way through our financial year). Note that in addition there is a $25 administration fee, and currently the administration fee, development levy and affiliation fee must be paid in the first payment.
By monthly direct debit payments taken directly from your account by the Mackay Golf Club.  Note that in addition to this is a $25 administration fee, and currently the administration fee, development levy and affiliation fee must be paid in advance of the beginning of the direct debit.

Step 3: You are now ready to play golf

Once your membership application has been approved and any payment plans have been finalised you will receive a new member package, stating your new membership number and a little information about us.

Do You Have a Golf Australia Handicap?

You need an official Golf Australia handicap to play in any of the club competitions. If you have had a handicap in the previous five or so years then it will still be current.

If you do not have a handicap you will need to hand in to the match committee or the club handicapper, three 18 hole cards with the number of strokes recorded to complete each hole on each card.
The round must be played with a currently financial member. Both you and the member must sign the card to verify it is correct. A card may be compiled as two separate 9 hole events.

If you do not know a member who can go around the course with you (the member does not have to play during the round), contact the club captain or the membership director (listed in the “About Us” page on this web) and they will organise someone(s) who will assist you to complete the three cards necessary for the allocation of your handicap.

You may be able to play with a group during a club competition to get a handicap card. You will not be in the competition but you may be part of the field. This should be discussed with the club captain before entering your name onto the time sheet.

Access to Golf Competitions Electronic Booking Sheet

The club uses an electronic booking sheet for members to select tee times to enter club competitions.

A computer is available in the ProShop for this purpose if you do not have access to one yourself. You can also ring the ProShop (07 4942 1362) and a staff member will enter you onto a time sheet.

To enter yourself onto a time sheet, you need to go to the club website: then hover over “MEMBER” in the menu just below the Mackay Golf Club banner at the top of the page.

A Dropdown Menu will appear – click on the “ONLINE BOOKINGS” menu item. Your username and initial password will be advised with your member pack. We ask that you change your password to something you will remember when you first log on.

Clicking on “Bookings” in the red bar will take you to a list of active competitions.  Click on any of those shown as “Open” to add your name.

Junior Golf

The Junior Golf Club caters for boys and girls aged from 5 (or younger) to 18.  Beginners start playing 3-hole competitions and progress through 6 and 9-holes before obtaining their Golf Australia handicap for 18 hole competitions.

The emphasis is on fun and enjoyment whilst learning the self discipline and etiquette inherent in the game. Playing groups of the younger golfers are accompanied by an adult “walker” as a guide and to assist with scoring.

The main competition activity days are Sundays, with competitions starting at 7:30 am most days, or 12 noon on Business House days.  Parents are welcome to participate in the activities with the younger players and volunteer “walkers” are always appreciated.

facebook100The Junior Club runs their own Facebook page where the coordinator provides information about up-coming events and uploads results and photos. Click on the button to check out their facebook timeline.

For more information, contact the Coordinator – Mick Dowde (0429 425 463) or the Pro Shop.

Pro Shop

Club Professional & PGA Member Jeffrey Reid and his staff are available to assist you with all your golfing requirements, whether you are looking to buy, or just hire some gear for a fun round of golf.

From Junior to Professional, club repair to club fitting, budget to top end, competition, corporate or social golf – We R Golf can help.

We sell to the public at very competitive prices – you don’t have to be a member to take advantage of our unique services and great deals.

All Clubs come “Fully Fitted” for free!


Learn to Play Clinics

Join our Learn-to-Play Clinics held every year to get started in golf, or see our specialist coaches to improve your game.


Tuition is available at the Golf Course or at the Driving Range – Individual, Beginner and Groups. Teaching Professional Joseph Rickman can arrange individual or group lessons to fine tune your swing or to build your confidence if you are just starting to play this great game.  A warning, though – after a couple of lessons from Joe you might become addicted to the game!

Buggy and Club Hire

Want to play but no clubs?  We also hire clubs, buggies and motorised buggies so that you can enjoy a round of golf at the Mackay Golf Club with your friends.  Check out the special deals to save every time you play!


The Mackay Golf Club was founded in June 1925 with the initial nine-hole course being situated on the town common, which is now the Mackay Airport. Far from the manicured courses of today, the going was rugged for the early golfers.  The nine sand greens had wire fences erected around them to keep the grazing cattle off.  As well as livestock, players had to contend with rubbish dumps, wide open storm-water drains and un-mown deep rough.


The first clubhouse was built on the common for a cost of $452, and opened by the Mayor Mr George Milton in March 1926.

Club house 1930-110The club moved to its present site in 1928 after leasing 122 acres of grazing land from Mr George Shinn, sufficient land for a nine-hole golf course. The club house was moved from the common to its current site and in 1930, the club came of age when the first Club Professional, Horrie Sloan, was appointed.  During these early years, a huge effort was put in by bands of volunteers plowing, harrowing and levelling the fairways and planting couch runners. From all reports, playing was also a real challenge, errant balls usually un-findable in the tiger rough, even if you were prepared to brave the snakes.

One of the earliest perpetual trophies to be played for was the A.I.F. Cup, presented by Mrs Dorothy Croker in 1932.  For many years, this cup has become known as the “Diggers’ Cup” and is played for annually by ex-servicemen on “Diggers’ Day”.  The winner can retain the cup for display at home until the following year’s event.

In 1933, a tree-planting committee was formed, and the extensive tree planting in those early days has resulted in the impressive tree-lined fairways that you see today, which place a premium on playing straight shots.

18 fairway 80s-400Just prior to the Second World War, a 43 acre area west of the course was purchased to allow the construction of another nine holes, but construction was put on hold until after the war. This land was leased to Mr George Farquhar for cane growing during the war. In 1947, the second nine holes were laid out on this land and the dream of an 18 hole course was finally realised.  All the while, a steady band of workers kept up the momentum of clearing the heavy rough and improving the course to make play more enjoyable for experienced and novice golfers alike.

In 1949, professional Horrie Sloan resigned and Victorian Bren Alman was appointed in his place, to remain as our Professional until retirement in 1987.  He was followed by Barry Vassella, then Darren Rodgers, and the current Professional, Jeffrey Reid who learnt his golf under Barry’s tutelage.

bobbylocke-400In 1950, South African golfer Bobby Locke, winner of four British Opens and at the time rated as the World’s best golfer, played an exhibition match with Bren Alman and members Albert Krause and Lex Hodges. Locke shot a 67 off the stick.

This exhibition match triggered the club’s hosting of the Queensland Close Championship in 1951, won by Pacific professional Ken Jones, and provided the impetus for the now annual Pro-Am tournament as part of the Queensland Professional Tour. Other great names in golf to visit the Club in these early days included Norman von Nida, Graham Marsh and David Graham.

Again in 1956, the club was chosen to host the Queensland Close Championship and the Central Queensland Amateur Championships for men and associates in a week-long golfing carnival. The 1956 Close was won by Ashgrove professional Jack Brown.

Although the clubhouse had undergone a number of renovations, it had remained substantially the same since the 1930s. In 1967, the present clubhouse was built to cater for the expanding membership which was expected to top 800 in the near future. The current Pro-shop was added in 1984.

In In 1985, the club celebrated its 60 year diamond jubilee with a Jubilee Ball and dinner, which was attended by a number of members from the early years of the club and also descendants of founding members.  In the same year, the club adopted a new landmark constitution which recognised women as full members of the club, able to vote and hold committee positions.

Since those early days, many of the blue couch fairways have been re-planted with Greenleas Park, and the blue couch greens have all been rebuilt and planted with Bermuda 328.

To provide water for irrigation, two dams were built, the first in 1981 and the lower dam in 1999 in conjunction with the new irrigation system and pump-house.  Over the next 10 years, underground irrigation sprinklers were installed along all fairways, so that all greens, tees and fairways are now automatically watered as needed.

Course Tour

Take a pictorial tour of the beautifully prepared Mackay Golf Course, showing each of the eighteen holes designed to challenge the experienced golfer but still provide a fun experience for the novice.

Click on the graphic of the course layout below to run a slide show of every hole on the course.



6:00 am – 11:00 am and 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Social Play available All Day


6:00 am – 9:00 am and 11:00 am – 6:00 pm


6:00 am – 10:30 am and 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm


Social Play available All Day


3:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Social All Day unless competition is on.

Junior comp – available after 8:30 am;

Business House – available after 1:00 pm

# Available tee times depend on prior bookings and any competition on the day, although the above times generally apply. Tee times outside those times may also be available. Check tee time availability by ringing the Pro Shop  4942 1362.


Green Fees*

18 holes = $40
9 holes = $25

Full Member Non-Bulk Green Fees
18 holes = $15
9 holes = $10

Member Bulk Green Fees
Full Member (all week) & Midweek Member (Mon – Fri) – nil

Midweek Member – Sat & Sun:
18 holes = $15
9 holes = $10

Motorised Cart Hire*

18 holes = $35

9 holes = $25

Golf Club Set Hire*

18 holes = $20

9 holes = $12

Pull Buggy Hire*

18 or 9 holes = $5

# Equipment hire dependant on availability. To book please call Pro Shop on 4942 1362

* Prices may change without notice – please contact the Pro Shop for current details.



Veterans (Men and Women)
Electronic time-sheet or Register by 11:30 am for nominal start of play at 11:45 am.


Medleys (Tuesday Club)
11.30 am – 12:30 pm, nominate by Noon


Electronic time-sheet 8:30 am to 11:00 am, except for shotgun starts.


Men (Thursday Club)
Electronic time-sheet or register on arrival, 11.00am – 1.00pm, play when ready except for shotgun starts.


Men and Women
pre-arranged timesheet, approx. 6:15 am to 8:10 am and 10:55 am to 1:05 pm, depending on season. Men normally 3 grades – A: to 13; B: 14 – 18; C: 19 – 36.


Junior Competitions:
3, 6, 9 and 18-hole competitions; usually 7:30 am tee-off except on Business House Competition Sundays when tee-off at 12 noon.

Business House Competitions:
6:30 am check in for 7am shot-gun start


Competition Fees

Monday/Wednesday/Saturday = $12.00

Tuesday/Thursday = $13.00

Green Fees

Bulk Full Members = $0.00
Bulk Midweek Members – Mon – Fri = $0.00
Bulk Midweek Members – Sat/Sun = $15.00
Non-Bulk Members = $15.00

Visitors = $25.00

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.