Using the Features of the Events Calendar


The Club’s Web Based Events Calendar has been filled with information about most golf events programmed for the current year, as well as a number of social events, club functions and other events which we thought might be of interest to members and visitors to this site.

Some Golf NQ district events are noted, but for information on more NQ golfing events, members should visit the Golf NQ site Here…


The Calendar will, by default, initially display events in a list.  Located just under the main menu is a box labelled “VIEW AS”, with an Icon called “List” underneath.  Note that only events for today and following are displayed.

Click on the Icon, and two more options become available – a Month option and a Day option.  Click on whichever Icon you want the events to be displayed as.  The display of events will change to your selection.

List Display:

To read the complete listing with all the information about the event when in the List display, click on the Title or the line “Find out more”.  Click the Back Arrow in your Browser or the “All Events” label to return to the list.

Month Display:

In the Month display, a summary of each event in the displayed month will be seen in the date box, day by day.  Hover your cursor over the summary to see a pop-up providing more information.

Click on the summary to see the complete details available for that event.

Below the calendar, you can click on the links shown to go to the previous month or the next month.


You can see the effect of the search function most easily in the List display mode.

Look for the “FIND EVENTS” label in the greyed box just below the Main menu. Click on the “FIND EVENTS” label – the box will expand to show two new fields: “EVENTS FROM Date” and “SEARCH Search“.

To display only, say, Thursday Club events, type in “Thursday” over the text “Search” and click on “FIND EVENTS”.

All events with “Thursday” in their name or details will be displayed in the list.  This technique provides a shorter list making it easier to find the event you want – eg searching for “Trivia” will only display a couple of events.

Set Another Start Date:

Although the list starts at today, by default, you can change the start date using the “FIND EVENTS – EVENTS FROM” facility described above.

Click on “EVENTS FROM Date” – a month calendar will be displayed.  Go back or forward through the months until you get where you want and click on a day – the list will change to display from that date.

Junior Club Events:

Junior Club events are noted in the events calendar, generally as being held on Sundays, for 3, 6, 9 and 18 hole junior golfers.

Actual details of the start time and the competition of the day will be logged on the Junior Club Facebook timeline, kept updated by the Junior Coordinator.

If you have not been there before, google “Mackay Junior Golf facebook” or go to the MGC About Us page and click on the Juniors Facebook icon.

Keeping Updated:

The Events Calendar has been prepared from the official Program of Events prepared by the Captain and the various intra-club captains.

Every effort is made to keep the Calendar up-dated with changes made during the year, however this depends on all changes being communicated in a timely way.

While every effort is made to maintain accuracy, the Club can take no responsibility for any matters resulting from any incorrect information contained in the Calendar.